Dunne Design Services


Installation, customization, and support of responsive html and WordPress websites.

Email Design

Responsive HTML emails. Template setup in MailChimp, SalesForce, and Constant Contact.

Print Design

Ads, business systems, PowerPoint, reports, guides, brochures, and postcards.


Logo design and implementation for all business sizes and industries.

Branding and Identity

Designing and implementing a brand consistently through all aspects of a business.

App Splash Screens

Splash screens to accomodate all smartphone and tablet screen sizes and orientations.

Social Media Imagery

Custom profile images and backgrounds for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Event Signage and Materials

On-site event signage, badge design, t-shirts, takeaways, and guides.

Web Ads and Icons

Animated gif ads optimized for quick loading on webpages; custom icons and web badges.


Phase 1: Gather information and research: Who is the audience? What is the client's goal for the project? Phase 2: Develop and present creative ideas and solutions to client. Phase 3: Revise and refine design until it successfully meets the client's project goals.

Creative Ideas

Targeted to Your Audience

On budget

On time